Giving refugees comfort and care

23 September 2016

Giving refugees comfort and care

From a hot drink and a place to sleep to language lessons, people from the world's most troubled places are finding comfort. 

The recent mass exodus of more than a million Middle Eastern refugees and migrants fleeing their war-torn countries has led to special needs in European countries like Germany and Norway. Already with sad stories to tell, these people - from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan - now face more hardship as they seek to resettle.

Thanks to our supporters around the world, The Salvation Army has been able to respond to many of Europe's desperate newcomers with opern arms - through local staff and volunteers on the ground offering practical help, compassion and acceptance.

Hot cuppas... and love

In Berlin, The Salvation Army runs a mobile cateen in the centre of the city, where hundreds of refugees wait outside for hours each day to get their applications for refugee status processed. As the mercury hovers around -11°C smiling volunteers put hot cups of coffee, tea and chai into numb hands, warming cold bodies and spirits.

A few hours south of the German capital, a new Salvation Army facility in Leipzig includes a thrift shop offering low-cost goods to refugees slowly finding their feet. Help is made more meaningful by a community spirit between Army staff, volunteers and refugees, fostered by shared times like a group meal together, prepared by the Syrian men. In Oslo, Norway, an accommodation centre offers not only safe beds but assistance to stave of boredom for people stuck in limbo until their papers are processed. Language classes, recreation, educational events, shopping and cooking lessons are a great benefit. 

Lives turned around

North of Oslo in a small country town, the family support service is coordinated by a couple who a few years ago were refugees from Afghanistan. Sara and Sam Roen joind The Salvation Army and became volunteers out of thankfulness for the loving support they received. 

Thank you for helping us to keep being there with support for desperate people whose urgent needs are so many and varied. 


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