For a Happier Tomorrow

23 September 2016

For a Happier Tomorrow

Children in Haiti have the hope of a better future, through your kind support for their education.

Haiti was once known as the 'Pearl of the Antilles'. But by 2010, people there were struggling with poverty and lack of basic necessities. Then their lvies were shattered by a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

Along with taking over 230,000 lives, the disaster left an estimated Us$7.8 billion in damage in its wake.

An education emergency

A critical ongoing need today in Haiti is making sure children receive an education so they have the opportunity to lift the country's prosperity in future. Your support for The Salvation Army Safe and Sound program has funded the rebuilding of school buildings, and provided teaching resources and equipment like chalkboard and desks. The Salvation Army now operates 48 schools attended by nearly 12,000 students. Children are able to go to school in safe buildings. Meanwhile properly flushing toilets are protecting their health from outbreaks of disease. This is creating a learning environment where teachers have more of a chance to give their students the best education they can.

Thank you for being part of this program through your generous donations, and helping children whose prospects would be much bleaker without this vital support.

The earthquake in Haiti orphaned 400,000 children who need your help. After the quake only 20% of children eligible for school were enrolled. 

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