Community Empowerment Haiti

17 December 2018

Community Empowerment Haiti


Haiti has one of the worst, least regulated education systems in the world. Only 85.4 per cent of Haitian children are enrolled and just 61 per cent of adults are literate. In fact, the average Haitian, aged 25 years or older, has had less than five years of schooling. When an earthquake rocked the small island in 2010, many schools were destroyed.

Your generous sponsorship of the Safe and Sound Schools teacher training program has given more than 3000 children the opportunity to receive a high-quality education. The children, and their families, couldn’t be more grateful.

“Our new school is nice and clean with new benches and very beautiful,” says one young student.” We enjoy learning French and Creole (national language). Our parents are also very happy with the new school rooms.

The Salvation Army in Switzerland and the United States is now taking over management of Safe and Sound. Thank you to everyone who supported the project – many children’s lives are immeasurably richer for your sponsorship.

We are grateful for your decision to help people change their lives by gaining new skills and knowledge. Because we know you appreciate the impact of learning, we have placed you into the education stream of our new sponsorship system. If you would prefer to switch to water and health or priority sponsorship, please let us know.

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