Autumn Newsletter 2019

1 May 2019

Autumn Newsletter 2019

Alice is the Committee and Secretary member for the CIGA project in her community, Emuhondo in Bunyore Division. Alice has 5 children and is a widow. Before the project she already had 11 chickens that she had been keeping locally, allowing them to move around with no shelter of protection. When she heard about the project she was interested in the training and has already begun to look after her chickens in the same way that she is learning.

By learning and working together as a group in a central location the skills they learn and observe can then be followed in their own households. Belonging to the group provides an opportunity to get more income which Alice hopes to use to pay school fees for her children. Through building her income Alice plans in the future to diversify her income by keeping cows or goats.

Her group identified that they could collect the poultry manure and use to fertilise the crops on their small plots of land and improve their yields. The manure can also be sold for more income which goes back into the project maintenance costs.

Alice still sees the need for more training so that as they experience challenges they can continue to manage them.

Alice’s favourite part of the project is that when she looks at the project and the chickens she feels like she is seeing flowers. She sees how it can grow and the potential she can reach.

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