Autumn Newsletter 2017 - Pakistan

24 March 2017

Autumn Newsletter 2017 - Pakistan

Empowering Women

With your encouargement - and the support of Salvation Army personnel in Pakistan - women in the region of Sheikhapura are being empowered to reliase their full potential through specialised projects. 

“Women had nothing to do,” says Chanda, woman from Sheikhapura. “They sat in their homes wasting their time. We in the community are still backwards. “We need to be part of this movement into the modern age. Now we are aware that we have to be something. We have to learn something. “Our corps officer (Salvation Army minister) asked us what we wanted to do in our community and we expressed our needs.”

Project Impact

Your partnership with The Salvation Army Pakistan Territory is benefiting many communities in the area northwest of Lahore.

The BASSIC (Building Advanced, Sustainable, Strong Communities) project fosters positive relationships with community members and the corps officers. It also encourages community ownership over smaller projects. The project is tailored to local needs and addresses health, water, livelihoods, social issues and income generation.

Upon their request, a group of women in the community learned sewing skills and participated in a Mother Child Health Club.

“The Mother Child Health Club gave us great insight into how to feed our children,” says Chanda. “I have learned about what is healthy and how to keep things hygienic for the good health of the family.”

Bright Futures

“I am feeling confident that I can earn an income with these stitching skills,” says Chanda. “We are able to use our money from the stitching for food, healthcare and new clothes for our children. 

“I would love to gain more education in the future. If I was to earn enough income from this stitching, I could afford education.”

Your generous donations have empowered women like Chanda to fund their own futures. Your ongoing support will ensure this valuable work can continue, as together, we give women in Pakistan purpose and hope. 

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