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Provide a brighter future for children by creating sustainable access to education for this generation and those that follow.

How your sponsorship helps

WASH Club training

WASH Club training in schools across Africa gives students and teachers access to clean water and hygiene training. 


Fighting trafficking

Anti-trafficking workshops educate vulnerable communities on the issue of human trafficking and advocate for improved safety for children. 

Literacy classes

Literacy classes aim to improve the reading and writing skills of children who are disconnected from formal education. 

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Nathalie's Story

Nathalie is 10 years old and in Grade 4 at The Salvation Army School. She lives with her brothers and sisters at home and her father works as a bricklayer to provide for his children’s education fees.

With your support, the school she attends was recently upgraded and the teachers given additional training. Nathalie already knows she wants to become a doctor so she can provide care and treatment for people in her community. Since receiving help from The Salvation Army, Nathalie and her family reach out to other poor children. 

You can provide a brighter future for children by opening the door to education.

Around the world, 57 million children remain out of school and 103 million youth lack basic literacy skills. It's estimated that 50% of children out of school live in conflict-affected areas.Link

As a Sponsor for Education, you will help break the cycle of poverty by ensuring children have access to safe and effective schools, well-trained teachers, and a wide variety of other educational programs that lead to healthier and more prosperous futures.

You can support The Salvation Army's vital schooling and education programs throughout the developing world. Some of the ways you'll make a difference are:

  • Ensuring adequate equipment and facilities for schools
  • Training and developing teachers
  • Delivering life-saving training courses, such as workshops that educate vulnerable communities on the techniques used by human traffickers
  • Providing adult skills and training courses that help parents and communities create better environments for children to grow up in

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