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Courageous Stewards

Courageous Stewardship is about seeing maximum impact through every available resource.

The resources under our care have been entrusted to us by God, and one day we will be held accountable for their wise and effective use.

Being a courageous steward is about boldly saying ‘yes’ to opportunities that are aligned to our strategic goals under the Holy Spirit’s leading, whilst also boldly saying ‘no’ to things that distract us from our core mission. 

We’ll know we are succeeding when:

  • Leaders at every level are empowered and accountable for the wise use of available resources
  • We have the right leaders in the right place at the right time
  • Every component of the territory is aligned to the strategic plan
  • Organisational Structures and processes are highly streamlined to better support all areas of mission
  • Long-term sustainability is a core consideration for decision making at every level
  • A commitment to innovation and creativity is embedded in every part of the organisation
  • Our organisational culture is healthy, vibrant, and attracts new people of all ages to join the mission


How you can help

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  1. Sir/Madam, Speaking as one who entered the Army by the Back door , via .Miracle Haven then to the local Corp. , which he serves this day in Street ,Hotel and Station Ministry, over many years he has seen change within the Local Situation, leadership has been hindered by lack of people with a big picture vision ,often being undermined by the Silent Whisper in the Dark Corner, in the end its left to the few in number to do what they can to cover the local situation, the Army has a risk of becoming a Sunday to Sunday insular little Club, intent on there own even more narrow agenda , with one result in mind ,that being to avoid anything that takes them outside there comfort zone, could there not be a little (or a lot) more thought be given to local corp day to day running, this writer looks at some Corp Officers and worries for the future of the organisation, he finds great encougagement when the Officer listens, fortunately at the present time this happens !!!, it has not always been easy going,

  2. To streamline processes may I suggest something that everyone can be part of. Can we create a way to feedback when our processes are not working? In other Territories this is called "Dob in a dumb process" and allows anyone who is experiencing overly complex red tape and barriers to moving forward to raise this issue with someone who can streamline it..

  3. Melanie-Anne Holland
    Melanie-Anne Holland

    I would like to see our territory grapple with the environmental consequences of our decision-making and resource use. If one of our key goals is sustainability, as well as innovation and creativity, sound environmental policy is paramount (and biblical).

  4. There were a number of things that impacted me in Commissioner James' opening address. One phrase stands out "We want to see leaders at very level empowered and accountable for the wise use of available resources" The two words that stay with me are "empowered" and "accountable" but it's more than just with the wise use of resources. It seems to me that these are keys to the success of everything being discussed, if we get these right, fruit follows. Empowered by the Spirit and empowered organisationally. Accountable to God and each other. We need to do better at both. The words are in common usage but getting them right is much harder.

  5. For this goal I believe we need to establish a culture of generosity, and a culture of accountability and transparency.
    Here are some measurable goals that would help us know how we are progressing:
    o William Booth standard of giving (restated by Maj. Stephen Court)… everyone tithing, soldiers & officers increase their giving (ie. 10% is a minimum to increase as we mature in our walk with God. Try 12%, 15%, 20%, +etc.)
    o Six-monthly updates (to all corps) of where DHQ & THQ funds go.
    o Quarterly updates of where Corps funds go.
    o This would be very courageous stewardship: Since people are one of our greatest resources, look after them with this initiative: Sabbath year for SAOs. (And tied in with that- option/provision for spiritual retreats for soldiers, employees, friends).

  6. Providing a flexible structure that supports local initiative is critical to the Army moving forward. The more empowerment that can be provided to local leadership, the more diverse and geographically appropriate our local expressions will be.

  7. Empower Corps Officers by removing the innumerable layers of hoops and levels of "no" that meet every initiative.
    We took on a military structure to avoid the tyranny of committees tying everything up. Let's get back to trusting officers.

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