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Commissioners James & Jan CondonDear Friends,

Our purpose is to help people find freedom in Jesus Christ, and to meet human need in His name without discrimination. I am committed to us pursuing this mission to the very best of our ability.

It is this commitment that underpins our Forward Together plan for the Australia Eastern Territory.

Our Forward Together plan is the consolidation of much hard work over recent years. It is a vital step to continue building on the important work of the past as we look towards a world transformed by Jesus.

“Save Souls, Grow Saints and Serve Suffering Humanity,” the 7 Mission Priorities and the Freedom language have been close to our hearts as we have been determining the way forward for the Australia Eastern Territory.

We have identified four key goals that are critical to us becoming more effective into the future. These are:

  • people transformed by Jesus (soul saving)
  • healthy faith communities (growing saints)
  • unified mission expressions (serving suffering humanity)
  • being courageous stewards (using our mission resources effectively and efficiently)

I give you my assurance that our territory’s energy and resources will be aligned to the plan so that we see real, measurable results in response to each of the four Forward Together goals.

From its inception, The Salvation Army has carried a bold vision of seeing the whole world transformed by Jesus. It is only as we all work together in wisdom and unity, guided by the Holy Spirit that we will see this become a reality.

We need your help. We are not afraid to ask hard questions and make brave decisions in response to what we hear.

Our plan is a living document that will be developed and revised over coming years in response to progress that is made and new challenges that emerge.

I ask you to read through the document and discuss it with your colleagues. Later in this document you will discover ways to find out more and also how you can contribute to this important work that involves all of us.

This journey will not be simple or easy. Nothing that is truly significant ever is. But this is the right journey, and we are committed to it.

Let us move boldly forward with great love for one another, great compassion for the world we are called to, and an ever-deepening faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Your servant,

Commissioner James Condon

Territorial Commander