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Summary of the Change

Changes as part of the restructure are summarised as follows:

Summary of changes to support front line corps

1. Divisional Headquarters will be substantially released from administrative responsibilities to become highly focused on the growth of missionally vibrant corps, hubs and centres.

2. There will be fewer divisions (from 7 to 2), to facilitate a more consistent, collaborative and team-centric approach to corps and hubs mission support. The Queensland Division will have its headquarters in Brisbane and the NSW/ACT Division will have its headquarters in Western Sydney (Auburn).

3. As part of the new divisional teams, Area Officers will be deployed throughout the territory to deliver a higher level of engagement and support to the front line. Corps officers and Hub Strategic Team Leaders will report directly to an Area Officer.

4. Divisional Youth & Children’s Secretaries will continue to form part of the Divisional team and will be deployed around the territory similar to the present arrangement.

5. The divisional team will also include a Divisional Secretary (2IC), a Divisional Personnel Secretary, a Divisional Director of Women’s Ministries, and a small admin support team (understanding that many administrative tasks will no longer fall under the responsibility of the divisional team).

6. The two Divisional Commanders will be formally added to the Territorial Policy and Mission Council, bringing greater representation for frontline mission to executive decision-making.

7. The THQ Mission & Resource (Corps) department, including the Territorial Youth, Children’s and Young Adults team, will have a clarified role. In the new structure, the THQ department is clearly focused on supporting and resourcing the agreed mission support strategy of the two divisions.

Summary of changes to support front line social services

1. All operations for social services throughout the territory will come under the direct oversight of a restructured Territorial Social Program Department. Divisional and/or area boundaries will not affect the operational management of these services.

2. Best practice and professional supervision will be more consistent through specialised leadership and oversight from an appropriately experienced person. For example, all Homeless and Accommodation Services will come under the oversight of a senior coordinator in either NSW/ACT or Queensland respectively.

3. Divisional chaplaincy operations will officially become part of the Territorial Social Program Department, under the oversight of the Territorial Chaplaincy Coordinator via specialised stream/program coordinators.

4. All frontline social services will be expected to be active and engaged participants in their local hub, continuing to strengthen the missional connections between corps and social on the front line. 

Summary of changes to streamline Territorial Support Services

1. All support services responsibilities throughout the territory (HR Services, Finance Services, Property, IT, Communications & Public Relations) will come under the direct oversight of the respective territorial head of department. It should be noted that this restructure is not expected to change employee roles within Employment Plus, Aged Care Plus or Salvos Stores.

2. Specialist staff in support services areas will be deployed around the territory in accordance with organisational need and best use of territorial resources. Divisional and/or area boundaries will not affect the way these services support the front line.

3. As much as is possible, greater authority will be delegated to front line managers to remove unnecessary delays in decision-making.

4. Where decisions cannot be fully delegated to the front line for any reason, simpler streamlined approval processes will be put in place to provide faster outcomes and greater transparency to the decision-making process.