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Letter from the Commissioner

Dear colleagues,

Today marks a significant day in the history of The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory.

Our territory is committed to seeing that every part of our headquarters activities are as effective as possible in supporting front line mission. To that end, I write to you today to share news that Territorial Policy and Mission Council, supported by General Andre Cox and the International Management Councils, has decided on a comprehensive restructure of THQ and DHQ in order to deliver the best possible mission-centric support to the front line.

The changes we make as part of this restructure will help us to be a stronger, more agile and more innovative Army now and into the future.

Some of the key components of this restructure are:

  • A new vision for DHQ, released from administrative responsibilities to become highly focused on supporting missionally vibrant healthy faith communities within corps, hubs and centres
  • Consolidating the number of divisions from 7 to 2 to facilitate a more consistent, collaborative and team-centric approach to corps and hubs mission support.
  • Significantly increasing the capacity of divisions to come alongside the frontline through the creation of the new Area Officer role.
  • Aligning all frontline social services throughout the territory into a unified Territorial Social Program Department, allowing for significant improvements in strategy, consistency and collaboration.
  • Increasing the delegation of authority to the frontline, and increasing support available to the front line, by streamlining the structure for territorial support services such as HR, Property, Finance and CPR.

The above details and more will be explained in greater detail as you read the following pages of this document.

This is a day of mixed emotions. We have conviction that this is the right move for the future of our territory, but at the same time we are acutely aware that these decisions bring with them considerable pain for some highly valued members of our team. Our executive team would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of employees and officers throughout DHQs and THQ over many years. We are eternally grateful for the diligence and professionalism that you have displayed in supporting our mission.

As a territory, the coming months will be filled with new opportunities but also with new challenges that we have not faced before.

If The Salvation Army is to become everything that God is inviting us to be, we must be deeply rooted in prayer, overflowing with hope and grace, and committed to transparency, honesty, vulnerability and tremendous love for one another. Each of these things must be true for us now more than ever.

After you have read the document, our executive team would be pleased to receive any questions you have via the email inbox You are also able to view information regarding this restructure and other initiatives on the website

I truly believe that the best days of our territory are before us, not behind us. Let us together raise up a Holy roar of fervent prayer as we press forward together into all that God has for us to do.

God bless you in Jesus name.

James Condon