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Decision process

The following activities have formed the basis for this restructure plan:

Activity 1: Working Group

In 2014, the working group for the Courageous Stewards strategic plan focus area undertook a review of all our headquarters and business functions under the oversight of Lt. Colonel Brian Hood (standing SBA).

The working group formulated three possible structure change scenarios for the administrative structure of the territory, which were:

  • Maintaining all 7 DHQs, and reviewing THQ/DHQ purpose and processes to better support the front line, OR
  • Transitioning to a 4-Division model, and reviewing purpose and processes to better support the front line, OR
  • Transitioning to a 2-Division model, and reviewing purpose and processes to better support the front line.

Each of these scenarios supported the unification of territorial support services (HR, Property, Finance and CPR), irrespective of the number of DHQs.

The Courageous Stewards working group proposed that the new structure would: 

  • Increase clarity, consistency, and focus of mission and overall effectiveness, strengthened by compelling visionary leadership
  • Realign headquarters to support hubs as the glue that keeps mission focus together
  • Enable the focused delivery of strategic plan objectives
  • Clarify and build on the strength of what DHQ and THQ provide and release greater resources towards front line mission
  • Ensure efficient, effective, and ongoing stewardship of all Salvation Army resources and processes
  • Continue to review and refine structures and processes to fuel ongoing missional vibrancy

Activity 2: Historical Analysis

The Strategic Change Unit undertook a review of territorial historical plans and proposed restructure initiatives from 1998 through to 2009.

The territory also reviewed key learnings from similar international projects such as the recent restructure of The Salvation Army in Canada.

Activity 3: Resource Audit

In mid-late 2014, the Territorial Finance and Human Resources Eepartments conducted a territor- wide resource audit to highlight possible areas for refinement, streamlining and savings.

Activity 4: Focus Groups

In May and June 2015, focus groups were held in each division to discuss our culture, structure, and what support is needed to see growth in missional vibrancy and effectiveness.

The focus groups were comprised of front-line mission personnel and divisional personnel. The primary outcome of the focus groups was that increased relevant support was needed for the front-line.

Activity 5: International Headquarters engagement

In July 2015, Commissioner James Condon and Colonel Mark Campbell presented to the International Management Board of The Salvation Army at IHQ. Further engagement between IHQ and territorial leadership continued until September 2015 when the restructure plan was approved.