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SalvoCare Northern Victoria


SalvoCare Programs provide quality service and support to families and individuals experiencing homelessness, or risk of homelessness and immediate crisis, encouraging self reliance support.

SalvoCare has  developed programs based on addressing the immediate presenting needs of the person/s and then work in a case management framework to address and sustain ongoing life improvements.

SalvoCare run various programs across the region some of these include:

-        Accommodation and Support
-        Community Support Service
-        Outreach Connections
-        Youth Justice Group Conferencing Program

-        Youth Justice Community Support Services
-        Youth Alcohol and other drugs outreach program
-        Supporting Families at Risk
-        Intensive Case Management Initiative
-        No interest loan scheme

SalvoCare has a demonstrated ability to engage and deliver quality services across the Hume Region to those who are homeless, at the risk of homelessness, in financial crisis, disadvantaged, and those with multiple and complex needs.  The Salvation Army as an organisation has established core values in relation to human dignity, justice, hope, compassion and community.  These values are embedded into SalvoCare program design and practice.  

SalvoCare have the experience, knowledge, infrastructure and expertise to deliver programs and services on behalf of Government Agencies and community and grant funding. For many years we have been a strong advocate for the needs of the homeless and disadvantaged across the Hume Region and in particular those in the targeted areas of Shepparton and surrounding areas, additionally we have always sought to respond in an holistic manner, both at an individual level, a presenting family unit context and in a preventative community development framework.