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Thanks for your interest to volunteer. 

It takes an army of people to provide and enable the practical care for over a million Australians every year. Volunteers bring to life our values of human dignity, justice, hope, compassion and community. 

What type of volunteering interests you?
- In the community?
- As a collector for the Red Shield Neighborhood Appeal
- With Salvos Stores? 

Volunteer with Salvos Stores

Volunteers are integral to the operations of Salvos Stores, whether it’s helping out within a store or in the warehouse, office or call centre. The Salvo Stores volunteer opportunities are managed by a separate, specialised team in order to find volunteers with the retail skills that best suits their unique operation. Please follow this link to the Salvos Store website to search and apply for a role with them.

Volunteer at Christmas

Australians are generous people in caring for those in need and this becomes even more evident at Christmas time. At The Salvation Army we are greatly encouraged by the number of enquiries received by people wanting to volunteer at Christmas time.

The lead up to Christmas does create a greater need for support of people doing it tough. Thankfully thousands of ongoing Salvo volunteers are both responsive and available to help out. Our Salvo sites that do need extra assistance list their needs on this website. If there is not a suitable Christmas activity listed we would encourage you to contact your local council for possible options.

Click here to go to a complete list of volunteer opportunities which you can search first by location.

Volunteer in the community

With a huge range of community programs and services, dedicated volunteers are essential both on the front line and behind the scenes.

As many of our centres provide a leading service to assist the most vulnerable in the community, volunteers are selected according to specific needs of our clients. Hence, some volunteer roles can only be filled by those with relevant qualifications and experience. Areas where skilled volunteers are encouraged to apply are in crisis accommodation, counselling, domestic violence, AOD, youth, migrant, and aged care services.

Apart from skilled volunteer roles, there are many equally vital roles where you can expand your skills and experience, for example in food service, gardening, reception, mentoring.

To get started, check out roles here.  To volunteer as a collector for the Red Shield Appeal click here.

Student Placements

The specialist community work of The Salvation Army would not be achieved without qualified and dedicated individuals running our social programmes. As such, The Salvation Army is keen to assist students gain the important real life experience in a sector where they will make their careers. To ensure the experience we provide to students is to the standard which is required by the sector, most of our centres have established partnerships with leading training institutions, universities and TAFE. Placements for students are limited and are usually only provided to those studying Diploma level and above.

For those studying at a level below diploma, another option is to directly approach The Salvation Army church closest to you and ask if there are any opportunities to assist. To locate the closest church and our services, please click here. To view current volunteer opportunities please click "Search for a volunteer role" at the top of this page.

Volunteer Resources Contact Details 

Want to know more? Send us an e-mail or give us a call.

South Australia/ Northern Territory
Human Resources Administration
Tel: (08) 8408 6900

Angela Watson
The Salvation Army Volunteer Enquiries
PO Box 50
New Town
TAS 7008
Tel: (03) 6228 8400


Volunteer Resources Team
The Salvation Army
PO Box 479
VIC 3130
Tel: (03) 8878 2467

Western Australia

Katrina Perera
The Salvation Army
Volunteer Coordinator
PO Box 8498
Perth Business Centre,
WA, 6849
Tel: (08) 9260 9509