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The Oasis is an award winning documentary which follows the lives of Captain Paul Moulds and seven homeless young people at the Oasis Youth Support Network in Sydney, Australia.

Oasis Teaching Resources

The Oasis Documentary, study guide and curriculum mapped teaching resources were developed to raise awareness of the growing incidence of youth homelessness in Australia.  All resources are available free of charge from sharkisland.com.au   or  theoasismovie.com.au

"I can't express how useful and easy the documentary and resources have been
to explain an issue that is often so difficult to explain to young people".

oasis DVD

Resources                                           Curriculum Links                                

THE OASIS Documentary and associated "Stories of Youth Homelessness" teaching resource written by The Caledonia Foundation, Shark Island Productions and Education Consultant Janice Atkin

Australian National Curriculum
Year 9 and 10 Health and Physical Education. Provides contemporary opportunities for exploring resilience, applying strategies for dealing with challenges, providing support for peers and developing advocacy and action skills.

Youth Homelessness Matters Teaching Resource written by The Caledonia Foundation, Shark Island Productions, Reach Out! Teachers Network and Inspire Foundation

Australian Curriculum: English, Literacy Strand Year 9 and 10
SA:  Health and Physical Education
TAS:  Civics and Citizenship - Level 5
VIC: Civics and Citizenship - Level 6
WA:  SOSE, (Civics and Citizenship)
Teaching Social Issues Through English written by English Teachers Association and Shark Island Productions
References the Australian Curriculum English, integrating the strands, Language, Literature, Literacy, in activities based on the movie and on related literacy texts.
THE OASIS documentary study guide written by ATOM and Shark Island Productions Society and Environment (SOSE/HSIE), Values Education, Religion and Society, Health and Human Development, Community Development Studies, Psychology, English and Media Studies

All resources are available free of charge from sharkisland.com.au   or   theoasismovie.com.au