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Salvos School Workshops

The Salvation Army offers programs to students in both primary and secondary school.  We aim to raise awareness of the issues that many Tasmanians face every day including poverty, homelessness and lack of hope for a better future. 

The programs and workshops below are available to inspire students to not just learn about the issues but to rise up, speak up and take action to help make a difference. 

Beyond the Classroom 

In Tasmania, students have the opportunity to engage directly with staff and clients of The Salvation Army out on locations allowing them to gain a greater understanding of issues facing thousands of Australians every day.  

Level: Year 9 - 12
Duration: Full Day

Community & Caring 

Provides an introduction to The Salvation Army and other similar services in Tasmania.  

The workshops are on location at a Salvation Army Centre and include interactive activities around caring for others and the concept of community. 

Level: Year 4 - 6
Duration: ½ Day

In School Info Sessions 

Provides an overview of poverty in Australia, including the statistics, causes and impact on people and how they are disadvantaged.   We also discuss how The Salvation Army supports people in this situation such as homelessness, domestic violence and drug addiction.  

Level: All
Duration: 1-2 Hours


Sarah Davidson
Schools Development Representative

Ph: (03) 6228 8414
Fax:  (03) 6228 7198
Mobile: 0429 213 385
Email: sarah.davidson@aus.salvationarmy.org