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For Schools

Facts you may not know about Christmas:

  • One in 10 Australians report they cannot afford to buy enough food.
  • Salvos aim to provide 10,000 meals in 150 centres during Christmas week.
  • 2.5 million Australians live below the poverty line. 603,000 are children.
  • In the six weeks to 25 December 2015, Australians spent $47 billion on Christmas.
  • More than 70,000 people will come to the Salvos for care.

Ways you can help

Toy Appeal

In the lead up to Christmas, The Salvation Army will set about collecting approximately 500,000 toys to give to families in need. This is just one of the ways the Salvos help provide children with a better and brighter Christmas. The Salvos’ Christmas Toy Appeal is a fun way for your students to embrace the Spirit of Christmas, practise generosity and share a sign of hope with other Australian children who are less fortunate. Please consider helping by donating new toys or other gifts to the Appeal.

Food drive

Christmas is a time of added expense. There are the usual costs such as food, rent and utility bills. On top of that families are trying to find extra cash for Christmas treats and gifts. Those who have barely managed to make ends meet throughout the year find their money no longer stretches far enough. The added expense of Christmas can be just too much. Then January hits and the bills from Christmas start to flood in. By donating non-perishable food items, you’ll be helping families and individuals enjoy a special Christmas meal. In addition, by providing food to eat over the Christmas and New Year period you’ll also be easing some of their financial burden.


For donation posters, suggestions, and appeal info please download the resources below:

Donate Toys / Food Posters

Donate Toys Poster

Toys / Food Hamper Suggestions

The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal 2017 Food/Toy Donation Suggestions

2017 Christmas Appeal Info

The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal 2017 Information Sheet


Families in crisis have to cope with the added expense of Christmas and then, in many cases, also find the money to get their children ready for the new school year. Your donation will ensure that these extras are covered so Mums and Dads can relax and enjoy the festivities with their children. By hosting a cash fundraiser, your donation to The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal helps us provide hope and practical support to people who are struggling to buy the basics for Christmas. It also helps families with back-to-school expenses.

If you would like to participate in our Christmas Appeal, follow these easy steps:

Get permission from your school to participate in the Salvos’ Christmas Appeal.

Register by contacting your state representative.
* You may want to organise pick up/drop off arrangements at the same time.

Choose what you’re going to do to support the appeal. Will you host a Toy Appeal, Food Drive, Cash Fundraiser or do you have another idea?

Encourage your staff, students and community to support your school’s contribution to the Appeal.

Encourage your students to write a personalised letter to their parents requesting support for the school’s appeal. The letters can be personalised, hand-written and decorated by the students.

Donation point
Choose a secure/supervised location in your school where donations can be stored safely. Why not decorate the area to make it extra special and more attention grabbing? You might like to set up a Christmas tree and decorate a donation box.

Pick up
Organise pickup/drop off arrangements well ahead of time – the earlier the better – to ensure that donations are available for collection by no later than the second Friday in December

As you enjoy the festive season with family and friends, know that an Australian family is having a much brighter Christmas because of your generosity!

For further information or to register your school please contact:

South Australia
Wendy Dunlop
(08) 8408 6939

Sarah Davidson
(03) 6228 8414

Anthony Silipo
(03) 8878 2367

Western Australia
Darren Reynolds
(08) 9260 9514

For NSW, ACT and QLD enquiries, please click here for more information.