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Ryan's Story

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Ryan's Story | End Homelessness Now

"The first step to helping Ryan was giving him a warm meal and a chat with someone he could trust. We gave him a place to stay, helped him find a job and beat his growing addiction.
He now has a new life, free from drugs and safe from his attackers. Today he’s clean and has a job".
James, Outreach Worker

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Growing up with a drug addict for a mother, pushed Ryan to the edge. 


Ryan became homeless as a young teenager when he ran away to escape a chaotic home life. His mother was a drug addict and from the age of 14, Ryan worked part-time jobs to support his family.

The pressure pushed him to the edge and finally he left home and slept in an underground car park. After a few months of this, he ventured home. What he found was tragedy beyond imagining. Both his father and his brother had committed suicide, and a month later his mother was found dead of a drug overdose in a parked car.

Ryan tried to fend for himself as best he could, but in his despair, he turned to 'Ice', to kill the pain. It failed, nearly killing him in the process. One night he was tracked down by his drug dealers, who believed he was assisting the police, and was beaten severely.

The day after Ryan was assaulted, his Salvos outreach worker, James, made arrangements to get him out of the state where he couldn’t be found by his attackers.

Issue: Substance abuse

Few lives are untouched by the major social problems associated with alcohol and drugs today. Addiction affects people from all walks of life.

Our 100 addiction and recovery services provide programs for adults right through to children as young as 12 years old.  We have a range of programs that cater to those with drug and alcohol addictions, including detox and residential rehabilitation programs, counselling and outreach programs. 

Read more about Substance Abuse.

Centre: Street outreach service

One in 200 people are homeless on any given night in Australia. Our street outreach teams make contact with people sleeping rough and link them in with services. In some states we have teams of volunteers who visit parks, laneways and squats to provide sleeping bags, a hot meal and conversation to people who are homeless.

We operate a “Street 2 Home” program to make contact with people sleeping rough who wouldn’t use mainstream services or have been barred from them for reasons including mental health, substance abuse or disability. We also work with other community groups like psychologists and housing services to create a case plan for each person.