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End Homelessness Now

This year the Red Shield Appeal is focusing on homelessness and The Salvation Army is asking the community to help end homelessness now through making a donation or volunteering for the doorknock.

There are more than 105,000 people in Australia who currently don’t have a secure and safe place to live.

The pathways to homelessness are varied and complex. Events like loss of employment, family break down and sudden illness can potentially push a family or individual to breaking point, which often results in homelessness. 

By assisting people before they reach crisis and find themselves with nowhere to go, we are helping to end homelessness.

Without the broad range of services The Salvation Army provides with donations to the Red Shield Appeal, many more people would face homelessness.

In addition to providing around 2,000 people with accommodation every week The Salvation Army is also working with thousands of people who are at extreme risk of becoming homeless.

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