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Family Tracing request and guidelines

Guidelines and Conditions (Please read before filling the form)

  1. The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service is a non-commercial, humanitarian service facilitating the reunion of family members.
  2. Enquiries are only accepted from family members to locate family members. The Salvation Army reserves the right to refuse assistance.
  3. We will only accept an application to contact a former partner or spouse for the purpose of contacting a child or children.  Enquiries will not be accepted for the purpose of or related to any legal proceedings, past, present or contemplated. Proof of relationship required.
  4. No application will be accepted to contact any child under 18 years.
  5. Addresses of the family member being sought are not given out without their express permission. Contact is often obtained by means of a re-directed letter, on the undertaking that any information on the relative being traced will not be made known. This undertaking must be honoured. 
  6. We must be free to tell family member being sought who is seeking contact, their address (and/or location) phone number and the reason why contact is desired.
  7. In the event of the enquirer desiring to establish contact with a parent, a copy of the enquirer’s full birth certificate must be provided e.g. If looking for a natural father, his name needs to be on the birth certificate.  Other proof of paternity may be accepted.
  8. As this department operates at a very heavy cost. A donation towards our work would be greatly appreciated.
  9. On receipt of a completed application form the request will be considered and if it fits our guidelines and we are able to help, you will be advised and a reference  number will be given to you. This reference number must always be quoted in any contact with us.
  10. We cannot give any definite time frame on our assistance, however, immediately any non confidential information of value is available, you will be informed.
  11. You agree to indemnify The Salvation Army against any cost or legal expenses incurred as a consequence of locating the family member being sought on your behalf.
  12. Enquiries are not accepted for the following purposes: adoption,  legal cases or claims,  minors,   missing friends, genealogical/ family tree, any  restraining orders involved (past or present).

Family Tracing Request (Please complete all fields. Where details are not known, please write "unknown").



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If your enquiry falls within our guidelines, we will mail an application form to you. Application forms will be sent only by post.

Privacy: Personal details you provide to The Salvation Army's Family Tracing Service will be used and disclosed for the purpose which they were collected and in accordance with The Salvation Army Privacy Policy. This may involve disclosure of personal details to third parties if required.