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Leave a Bequest

By leaving a bequest in your will you become a partner in our life-changing work and leave a lasting impact long into the future.


The gift of a lifetime

Leaving a bequest is an act of kindness that offers hope for future generations.Caring for the homeless, assisting families in crisis, offering rehabilitation services, or disaster relief – every program and service we offer is reliant on the generosity of individuals in the community. 

For many, the idea of drawing up a will can be daunting. But an up-to-date will is the best way to ensure that your final wishes are met and your assets are distributed in accordance with your desires.

Download our information pack or click here for more information.

For every will, there is a way

Your will should be prepared by a legal professional. If you feel proper legal advice is beyond your means, through our Wills Days you can get the advice you need at a reasonable price, and all funds raised further support our work.

A solicitor can help with ensuring your will is valid, using the correct wording for bequests, advice for providing for your loved ones, storing your will and even making changes.

Your last word is significant. Download our information pack and take the first step towards securing your legacy.