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Positional Statements and Guidelines


These Positional Statements and Guidelines for Salvationists to apply Christian principles of behaviour to issues of today.

A Positional Statement is a considered statement setting out the official viewpoint of The Salvation Army. Whilst any Salvationist may personally disagree with what it says, no officer or soldier may make any official statement which varies from what is contained in the approved statement. It is recognised that a Positional Statement is not binding to the same extent as Orders and Regulations; and it is understood that some Salvationists will hold different views on some subjects.

It is not suggested these Positional Statements are for people other than Salvationists.

On occasions, The Salvation Army will issue comments on social and ethical issues reflective of realities in the secular environment in which our movement serves people who do not embrace or live by Christian standards. We strive to meet human needs in the name of Jesus Christ without discrimination and in a non-judgemental spirit.

The Salvation Army is currently reviewing its Positional Statements and Guidelines. Please check back later for updates.