Indonesian Earthquake (2006)
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Indonesian Earthquake (2006)

The Salvos contributed thousands of dollars to the relief efforts to the 2006 Earthquake.

If you ask any Salvation Army officer, volunteer or staffs who had direct experience in physically destructed areas, he or she will tell you that they are always moved by the plight of those affected by such destruction.

When a 7.7-magnitude earthquake hit the Indonesian area of Central Java, however, Salvos' aid officers found themselves further impacted by the devastation.

Situated within the ravaged area, a boy's home and a church set up by The Salvation Army were damaged by the earthquake. Major Amelia Tatilang , director of the boy's home  reported that the buildings' walls had collapse and the kitchen was destroyed. 

'The surrounding wall at the boys' home collapsed in the quake. The boys' bedrooms were damaged and also their function room. The boys will have to sleep on the floor because their beds are also not in good condition. Essential equipment in the home was also destroyed.' Major Tatilang said.

'Our water dispenser, plates, glasses, cups, cooking utensils, refrigerator, freezer and cupboards in the rooms are totally destroyed. However, we thank God all the boys (42) and the officers are safe.'

Tragically, others were not so lucky: over 6,000 people were killed in the earthquake. In response, the Salvos' Compassion In Action ' unit ' an experienced emergency response team ' established a medical/health in Bantul village, near the quak's epicenter.

In addition, immediate grant of US$20,000 was released from The Salvation Army's International Headquarters to provide food, shelter, medicine and clothes to these areas, and relief team members traveled to the Wade village where they distributed tents to families sleeping in paddy fields.

Major Dina Ismael ' relief coordinator ' said that the team redeployed the methods used in the Tsunami of the previous year.

'Our Compassion in Action teams will be on hand to offer continuous assistance to those who have suffered. Personnel will be rotated on a weekly basis to maintain the support program and sustain the assistance we are providing,' Major Ismael said.

Moreover, Major Jones Kasaedja was the Social Services Secretary for The Salvation Army in Indonesia. The Major commented on the ' deep sadness ' of the Salvos' encounters were the earthquakes' victims. 

'There is deep sadness as we encounter injured people desperate for treatment, and this is compelling our teams to work quickly and effectively, ' Major Kasaedja said. 

Destruction: Homes, buildings, churches and orphanages were destroyed by the earthquake.