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Homeless statisticsOver 100,000 Australians will be homeless tonight

  • 42% people experiencing homelessness are under 24 years old and 17,845 are children under 12.
  • The largest cause of homelessness in Australia is domestic and family violence.
  • 255,657 people accessed homelessness support services and nearly 7 million nights of accommodation were provided by homelessness services from 2014 – 2015.

Source: Homelessness Australia

Why should I care?

"I think homelessness is an absolute tragedy. To know that you don't belong anywhere, that you have no home to shelter in, and no one to support you. It is one of the most distressing experiences a person can have ..."

" The consequence is the quality of life for the whole community is diminished. People will do whatever it takes to survive, including turning to crime if they have to. "

" As a community, we need to be responsive to people who are homeless, not just for moral and social reasons, but also for the sake of the stability of the entire community."

Major David Eldridge

In the last census we found that:

  • There were 105,237 people enumerated in the Census who are classified as being homeless on Census night, up from 89,728 in 2006.
  • The homeless rate was 49 persons for every 10,000 persons enumerated in the 2011 Census, up 8% from the 45 persons in 2006.
  • The homelessness rate rose by 20% or more in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT.

Source: Census of Population and Housing: Estimating homelessness, 2011

The tragedy of our most vulnerable

Read some of the stories from people we have assisted:

Homelessness can affect anyone you know - your neighbour, your friends even your family. There is a wide diversity of people turning to us for help for many different reasons. Broken marriages, disabilities, domestic violence, mental illness or breakdown may all contribute.

People who are homeless also need a new start. The Salvation Army doesn't just offer people in need emergency accommodation or a roof over their heads. Through our network of services such as counselling, legal aid, domestic violence support and lifestyle programs, it is our aim to bring people back into society, strong and equipped to fulfil a valued role in the community.

We look at each individual's or family's situation and tailor a special program to suit their needs. This way, homelessness may only be a temporary setback.Homeless support

There are over 100,000 homeless people in Australia. Homelessness is one of the most distressing things for a person to experience. Please help us give the homeless a new start. The Salvation Army relies on the compassion and generosity of people like you to help the homeless and desperate in our community.

With your support we are able to help give the homeless a new start. Please support our work with the homeless by donating to the Red Shield Appeal.