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Philosophy & Goals


This ministry is an expression of a Christian response to human need. The teaching of Christ has encouraged us to "show love to our neighbour" "when you feed the hungry, clothe the cold and show concern for those in need you can do it for Christ".

The emergency services of The Salvation Army provide assistance to members of the community affected by, or combating emergency incidents whether caused by natural means or otherwise.The Salvation Army uniform can enter into situations and places unavailable to others, and we should use every opportunity provided to us to demonstrate the church in action. It provides an opportunity for Christian service for those who seek to serve the community as volunteers.

The ministry of The Salvation Army through this avenue of service provides an example to the community of the value of accepting and following the Christian faith.


  • To demonstrate through service, the reality of a relationship with Jesus, and the love of God.
  • To seek to meet the immediate needs of people faced with and involved in a disaster or an emergency.
  • To assist victims of a disaster to continue with a quality of life.
  • To assist towards resolution of personal and social stress.
  • To refer towards recovery phrase.
  • To listen.