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Alcohol Awareness Week

Alcohol awareness weekThe Salvation Army’s annual Alcohol Awareness Week (21–25 October 2013) called for debate around
alcohol advertising and sponsorship, particularly in sport.  

New Roy Morgan research* commissioned by the Salvos reveals 72% of respondents say alcohol and sport have become too closely related in Australia and 67% say it is time to start phasing alcohol sponsorship out of sport in the same way as tobacco advertising.  

‘Australia is a sporting nation. We see this every weekend when thousands of young Australians take part in sporting activities across many codes,’ said Kathryn Wright, Territorial alcohol and other drugs Unit Director. ‘The Salvation Army is calling for a re-think about where alcohol fits into this culture.’

Some of the policy directions that have already been discussed or implemented in other countries include the banning of alcohol sponsorship in sport and the banning or restricting of alcohol advertising during sporting telecasts.  

The Alcohol Awareness campaign has the backing of major organisations including The National Alliance for Action on Alcohol, The National Stroke Foundation, Dr Kerry O’Brien from Monash University and Curtin University’s Professor of Health Policy Mike Daube.  
*1,001 people were surveyed across Australia.