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Matthew Lewis

Name: Matthew Lewis 
Family: Peter (Dad), Rhonda (Mum), Rachael (Sister)
Employment: Full Time Uni student studying Electronic Engineering
Interests: Computers, Music, Reading
Corps: Box Hill 
Commenced with MSS: August 2012 
Corps Activities: Multiple Worship Bands, leader in junior and senior youth groups
Favourite Food: Too many choices
Favourite Composer: No one in particular
Favourite Vocal Piece: As a bassist, whatever has a decent bass (guitar) line
Favourite Scripture Verse: Romans 8:38,39
Highlights of MSS: Watching the group trying to learn choreography ... one of the perks of being an instrumentalist
As a Christian being in the MSS means? An opportunity to use my gifts to influence the lives of those I would not normally get the chance to meet
Matthew Lewis