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Nigel Mapes - Eb Bass

Nigel Napes

Married to Jo,  daughter Ellie

Public relations and fundraising manager for The Salvation Army

Home corps: Ringwood, Just Brass Band Leader (originally from Norwich Citadel UK)

Joined MSB April 2007 on Eb tuba 

Stewart Orchard - Eb Bass

Stewart Orchard

Married to Vanessa, two daughters Hannah & Talitha

Employment with SA Divisional Public Relations Secretary

Home corps:  Ringwood, bandsman

Joined MSB: June 2000, currently EEb Bass, previously on BBb Bass

Father, Max Orchard, played soprano and solo cornet in MSB for many years.

Ryan Van Gaalen - Bb Bass

Ryan Van Gallen

Employed as a Secondary School Teacher

Home corps:  Waverley Temple, Bandsman

Joined MSB in 2013 on  BBb tuba

Brother of Elisha and cousin of Yasmin Van Gaalen-Prentice

Joel Fanner - Bb Bass

Joel Fanner


Home corps: Brimbank City Corps, bandsman

Joined MSB in August 2011 and has played Eb Bass and Bb Bass