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Policy Statements 2017 - 2018

Opening Message

The Salvation Army is an international movement and one of the world’s largest Christian social welfare organisations, with more than 1,650,000 members across 127 countries. Operating in Australia since 1880, The Salvation Army is one of Australia’s largest providers of social services and programs and is committed toserving the most marginalised and socially excluded individuals in our society.

For more than 130 years, The Salvation Army has sought to serve the Australian community in ways that are consistent with our foundational values of integrity, compassion, respect, diversity, and collaboration. We are supported in our mission by many thousands of employees and volunteers, who are committed to social justice and the protection of the rights of disadvantaged and marginalised Australians.

As an organisation that works at the frontline, The Salvation Army is keenly aware of the debilitating impact ofentrenched poverty and situational disadvantage. We constantly see the effects of such deprivation, which canbe long lasting and have impacts on many generations of Australians. It can ultimately limit their capacity to engage fully in the social and economic life of their communities.

The Salvation Army will continue to advocate for the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the communities that we serve on a daily basis. As a consequence, we commit ourselves to work with the Australian Government to promote innovative measures that effectively and compassionately support marginalised and disadvantaged Australians to fully engage in society.

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