Economic and Social Impact Survey 2014 | The Salvation Army
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Levels of multi deprivation

Essential items

This section looks at the levels of deprivation experienced by individuals and their children. Saunders, et al (2007) define deprivation as the lack of resources that prevent people from accessing essential goods and activities. They note that severe deprivation occurs when people miss out on five or more essential items. In developing the Essentials of Life scale, Saunders noted that it is more likely that individuals who experience several forms of deprivation simultaneously have been forced into the situation rather than choosing it.

Chart 15a multiple deprivation adult cohort

Children essential items

Overall, the level of deprivation experienced by respondents and their children was extremely high (Chart 15a and 15b). Over 70 per cent of respondents are doing without move than five essential items simultaneously, of which nearly a quarter (22%) were severely deprived, doing without more than eleven items at any one time (Chart 15a).

The children of the respondents are also experiencing multiple deprivations (Chart 15b). Although a quarter of children experience no deprivation, 75 per cent were doing without items deemed essential. Over a third of children were doing without 3-6 essential items simultaneously.

chart 15b Multiple deprivation children essential items

1. Op cit Saunders, P. Naidoo, Y. & Griffiths, M (2007).