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Social supports


"There should be more support agencies to help people in all circumstances. Or a place people can gather for a meal and a drink during the day for donation to help socialise and to ensure no one is hungry." - Respondent comment

"I am a widow. I am 89. All my family have passed away but I have my Salvation Army Church. I have Legacy once a fortnight. I play table tennis on Saturday afternoon." - Respondent comment


Social supports

Respondents were asked to rate three questions about their social support networks against a seven point scale ranging from strongly disagree (rating of 1) to strongly agree (rating of 7). Over half of respondents (55%) reported not having a lot of friends and 43 per cent reported feeling very lonely. Almost half of respondents (47%) reported that they were unable to find someone to help them when needed.

Chart 12 social supports


"Loneliness and depression are a constant battle in my day and is very hard to remain positive. Without organisations like the Salvos where would we be?" - Respondent comment

"I have many friends, but have trouble asking them for help. Letting others know I am in trouble or need help is hard for me." - Respondent comment