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Who are the people attending The Salvation Army emergency relief services?

Individual visits for assistance

Individual visits for assistance

In 2013, over one third (36%) of people presenting for assistance at Salvation Army ER services were seeking assistance for the first time. More frequent attendance for assistance was common, with over a half attending more than three times (53%).

Household composition

Household composition %

Over half of the people presenting were female (59%), and almost one third were single parents (32%).

Emergency services clients

ER clients - income support payments

The majority of people presenting for ER support were in receipt of a government income support payment. Over a third of people were on the Newstart Allowance (38%), and almost a third were in receipt of a Disability Support Pension (32%). A quarter of recipients were on parenting payments.

Type of dwelling

Type of dwelling %

The majority of people were residing in private rental and just over a quarter were in public housing. Fourteen per cent of recipients indicated that they were homeless at the time of seeking support (1)

1. Homelessness includes: homeless, caravan, staying with friends, boarding house, crisis/medium term accommodation, hotel/motel.