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Media Engagement

The 2013 Christmas Appeal gets a PR boost from a celebrity choir, supervised by King Kong.

The Salvation Army engages with the media on a daily basis to raise awareness of social issues, provide discussion on topical subjects related to our key areas of work and connect with the Australian public to encourage active involvement with our work.

The media is typically very cooperative and supportive of The Salvation Army and much coverage is
generated around awareness campaigns and events. Participation in sector-wide awareness activities,
such as Homeless Persons Week, Missing Persons Week and Anti-Poverty Week, help to inform and drive social change in the community.

In 2014 The Salvation Army continued to be a consistent voice on issues including homelessness, alcohol and drug addiction, and family and domestic violence. Media highlights included the Red Shield Appeal doorknock weekend, utilising the National Economic and Social Impact Survey report that showed the scale of disadvantage many in our communities are facing. Other issues that various spokespeople gave voice to related to areas such as the 2014 Federal Budget’s implications for people doing it tough, and begging and homelessness in Australia’s cities.

In the lead up to the annual Red Shield Appeal doorknock in May, the Salvos gratefully received
more than $12 million in media coverage (value taken from advertising space rates).

The table below shows the number of coverage items received per month over the past year and the
dollar value of the space.

For media information visit salvationarmy.org.au/news-and-media/.

Media coverage