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Financial Self-Help Tools

In 2012 The Salvation Army commissioned Swinburne University to undertake research into the impact of financial counselling on debt resolution and wellbeing outcomes for people in financial stress.

The research found taking action early—at the first signs of financial stress—is an important factor in
achieving positive outcomes and minimising the impact of financial crisis for individuals and their

Out of this research, The Salvation Army partnered with Westpac to produce a web-based financial
self-help tools resource.

The website was launched earlier this year and is designed to support people in the early phases of
financial difficulty who have the capacity to ‘self-help’, but are unaware of the range of resources available to support them. It features information on banks, budget planning templates, financial counselling and links to independent sites.

To visit the website go to salvationarmy.org.au/financial-tools or to read our financial counselling research visit our Reports and Submissions section. 

Sandra’s Story

Sandra,* 27, is a regular client at one of our emergency relief centres in Melbourne’s west. She
started visiting The Salvation Army for vouchers and food, and was referred to the on-site
financial counsellor.

“I was coming in too regularly and they wanted to understand my financial situation a bit better,
so they encouraged me to see the counsellor. She is great and things have been looking up. I feel a
bit less stressed now, so I can think clearer and hopefully get a job.

*Name has been changed to protect identity.

The Salvation Army Financial Counselling

“I just wish I’d known sooner that people like this were around. If I’d known about the service, I wouldn’t be in this mess.”