The Salvation Army Annual Report 2014 | The Flying Padre & Outback Services
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The Flying Padre & Outback Services, Northern Territory

The Flying Padre’s mission is to carry the Christian message to remote communities and isolated people who live on stations across the top end of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The Flying Padre visits cattle stations and communities to bring pastoral and material support, conducts Christian education classes, holds services in remote stations to celebrate occasions like Easter and Christmas, and also conducts weddings and funerals.

This year, Captain Greg Howard took on the role of the Flying Padre. He relocated to Katherine,
allowing him to be closer to many of the communities and stations he supports.

Since June, the Flying Padre has:

  • made personal contact with more than 260 people;
  • visited 32 stations;
  • visited 3 indigenous communities; and
  • run a series of Christian education lessons at two schools.

“A lot of the people and communities I visit are such a long way from anywhere and they appreciate someone to talk to. Children on stations also enjoy someone dropping by to show an interest in them and what they are doing in the classroom. I count it a privilege to fly into a station and be welcomed and accepted by the community,” says Greg.

Captain Greg Howard