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They gave me hope

The Salvation Army gave me hopeBernadette Bradd (right) with her case worker Emma. Picture courtesy of Shepparton News.

“The Salvation Army showed love to me when I felt so unloved by society. They gave me hope and a future. They are there to get you through whatever it is you’re going through,” says Bernadette.

Read Bernadette's story of hope.

2014 Service Highlights

In 2014 The Salvation Army:

  • provided services from more than 700 social programmes/activities in 290 different locations;
  • provided more than 520,000 episodes* of care across all our social programmes;
  • assisted 20,000 people to find employment with 13,000 different employers;
  • distributed more than 195,000 vouchers to people in need of food;
  • provided more than 176,000 episodes of emergency and material aid relief to people in hardship;
  • provided more than 327,000 bed nights to those experiencing or at risk of homelessness;
  • supported people in financial crisis through more than 25,000 episodes of specialised financial counselling assistance; and
  • provided 27,000 episodes of care to people experiencing family and domestic violence.*An episode refers to a contact on a single day of support.