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2014 Reports and Submissions

TSA Victorian Election Platform 2014

The 2014 Victorian Election provides an opportunity for all of us, political parties and the wider community, to consider the kind of society that we want to live in. The Salvation Army’s greatest areas of concern at this time include housing and homelessness, justice, family violence, out of home care and health.

23 Apr 2015 | 630 kb.

Caring for People Across Australia: The Salvation Army's Response

This national Community Support Services (CSS) snapshot complements and builds on other recent research undertaken by The Salvation Army to expand on national data sets, provide the most vulnerable people in our communities a voice and share the impact and outcomes of contemporary Salvation Army service responses and initiatives.

23 Apr 2015 | 951 kb.

Response to the Community Affairs References Committee Inquiry into Out of Home Care

The Salvation Army offered its perspective and recommendations for supporting vulnerable children and young people who require out of home care (OOHC). This submission is informed by The Salvation Army’s collective experience, knowledge and expertise about the causes, impacts and possible solutions to disadvantage experienced by children and young people in out of home care.

6-11-14 | 334 kb.

Enquiry into the extent of income inequality in Australia

The Salvation Army welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Income Inequality Inquiry and offer its perspective and recommendations for a more just and equitable approach to social welfare and income equality.

5-9-14 | 716 kb.

The Salvation Army 2014 Annual Report

The Salvation Army 2014 Annual Report

17-11-14 | 2 mb.

The Salvation Army Case Management Report: Time, Trust, Respect

The Salvation Army is a major provider of Emergency Relief (ER) services in Australia. In 2013, the organisation provided ER to over 157,000 individuals and their families nationally.

8-8-14 | 1 mb.

Australia Pre-budget submission 2014-2015 Federal Budget PDF document

Australia Pre-budget submission 2014-2015 Federal Budget PDF document

2-4-14 | 443 kb.

The Salvation Army submission to 2014 Senate Economics Reference Committee on Affordable Housing

The Salvation Army welcomes this opportunity to continue its engagement with the Commonwealth Government to develop efficient and effective strategies to address homelessness

11-4-14 | 456 kb.