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Mick's Story

Man and officer

Mick came to the attention of The Salvation Army through an Emergency Relief centre. After receiving initial support in the form of food assistance it became clear to workers that Mick needed help with accommodation.

Mick had a long history of addictions and some petty crime; he was estranged from his teenaged children and most of his family. Living in atenuous situation at a local boarding house, Mick could not have his children visit him.

Mick told support workers that he was ‘over’ living like he had been and wanted to turn his life around and reconnect with his children and family. Through the support of Salvation Army Supported Housing (SASH) Mick was able to obtain suitable accommodation where his children visited him. The Salvation Army was able to provide some gifts for his children and supported him through that first visit. Since then Mick has had further contact with his children and one of his siblings invited him and the children for dinner during a recent visit. Mick is looking forward to a new future that includes those he cares about the most.