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Jane's Story

Jane was referred to a Salvation Army outreach youth worker after several presentations to a local housing service for emergency housing. It was clear that Jane needed longer term housing and case management support.

Jane was a young person who had been sleeping on the floor of a one-bedroom flat with her partner and another male who owned the property. She had been a victim of physical, emotional and sexual violence.

Jane had found the courage to leave a number of times but had eventually returned to the unsafe environment when accommodation arrangements failed on each occasion. Jane was in receipt of a Disability Support Pension for mental health issues and had not been engaged in education or training.

Over a period of nine months, with intensive support from her case worker, Jane made significant progress in obtaining and maintaining transitional accommodation, and did not return to the previous violent situation. Intense support from specialist health and psychiatric services and the commencement of counselling for drug use have all been essential to maintain Jane’s new and safe accommodation.

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