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Financial Assistance

In addition to support and accommodation, a significant amount of financial assistance was provided to clients accessing Salvation Army homelessness services. Types of financial support vary and could include food and store vouchers, assistance with bond payments, furniture, short term emergency accommodation such as Housing Establishment Fund (HEF),establishing and maintaining tenancy or funds to assist with education, training or employment.

During the period 1 July 2012 to 31 December 2012, The Salvation Army SHS services provided over $1.8 million in financial assistance to over 9,000 clients. This represents 15 % of the total financial assistance (almost $12 million) distributed by all SHS services nationally [28]. The distribution of this 15% of financial assistance by Salvation Army SHS services supported a higher percentage (30%) of clients than the national figure.

[28] Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Specialist homelessness services July – December 2012.  Available: www.aihw.gov.au