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Main Presenting Issue

Figure 15

Main Presenting Issues

Main presenting issue

Housing affordability and housing crisis was reported as the main reason [22] for presenting at Salvation Army SHS homelessness services by 44% of clients [23]. This number is significantly higher in New South Wales and South Australia where approximately 60% of clients reported housing related issues as their main reason for presenting to Salvation Army SHS homelessness services. The second most common presenting issue (17%) was financial difficulties (Figure 15). Compared to all SHS homelessness service data nationally The Salvation Army SHS data demonstrates a significantly higher rate of clients experiencing housing crisis and affordability difficulties.

Figure 16

Main Presenting Issues - Women’s Services

Main presenting issues Women's Services

Fifty-three per cent of women accessing Salvation Army SHS women’s services reported family violence or some other family/relationship breakdown as the main reason for seeking support. This finding is consistent with other research that indicates family violence as the single most common contributing factor to women and children becoming homeless [24] (Figure 16).

Figure 17

Main Presenting Issues - Youth Services

Main presenting issues Youth services

Housing related issues were also reported as the main presenting issue for clients of youth homelessness services (53%), followed by family violence or other family/relationship breakdown (21%). Only 3% of youth accessing Salvation Army SHS youth homelessness services reported financial difficulties as the main presenting issue (Figure 17).

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