New World Leader for The Salvation Army
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New World Leader for The Salvation Army

In June 2013, General Linda Bond announced that she was retiring as General of The Salvation Army. This decision came after 44 years of ministry. General Bond was elected to The Salvation Army’s most senior office in January 2011.

Following General Bond’s retirement, on 3 August 2013 Commissioner André Cox was elected as 20th General of The Salvation Army worldwide. The election took place at the High Council, which saw 117 of The Salvation Army’s senior leaders from around the world gather just outside London for the task of electing the next international leader.

General Cox previously served as Chief-of-Staff in the Office of the General – second in command of The Salvation Army internationally. In the earlier years of his Salvation Army officership, General Cox held appointments in Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Finland, Estonia and the UK.

On being announced as The Salvation Army’s 20th General, General Cox told more than 10,000 people around the world watching via a live webcast that he was thankful to God but aware of the “awesome task that has been placed upon our shoulders”.