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Media engagement

The Salvation Army engages with media on a daily basis to raise awareness of social issues, stimulate discussion and provide an opportunity for the Australian community to become involved in the work of the Army. The motivation for The Salvation Army’s involvement with the media is ‘communication for social change’.The media is generally very supportive of the work of the Salvos and much coverage is often generated around annual campaigns and events. The Salvation Army also uses sector-wide activities such as Anti-Poverty Week, Missing Persons Week and Homeless Persons Week to inform public discussion and drive social change.

The Salvation Army achieved sustained media coverage throughout the year and was a consistent voice on issues including homelessness, alcohol, drug and gambling addiction, family violence and social policy. Highlights included the range of coverage generated in the lead up to the Red Shield Neighbourhood Appeal doorknock about the Economic and Social Impact Survey 2013 that highlighted the plight of disadvantaged Australians.

The Salvation Army gratefully received more than $10 million in media coverage (valued in terms of advertising space rate) leading up to the Red Shield Neighbourhood Appeal Doorknock.

The table right provides an indication of the level of media mentions and items that the Army received in the last year. For media information visit our News and media page.

Media engagement table

Social Media

Social media engagament

The Salvation Army uses social media as another means to communicate with its diverse audience. The immediacy, reach and versatility of social media enables The Salvation Army to share its work with thousands of Australians every day.

It allows the organisation to invite people to actively engage and be a part of the mission of The Salvation Army and to raise awareness and become ambassadors for The Salvation Army among their own social networks.

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