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Warcry: Seeing is believing

Aaron Stobie tells his story to WarcryAaron Stobie is a Salvation Army officer (minister), currently serving in the City of Whittlesea (Vic.). 

I grew up predominantly in the western suburbs of Melbourne in a really loving family. When I was around 11 years old we connected with The Salvation Army through a children’s program that my younger brother and I started attending. After a while my parents decided to come along on special occasions to support us and this eventually led them to attending the church.
Aaron Stobie tells his story to Warcry I have always experienced ‘bizarre’ things in my life that seemed like incredible coincidences. Things would often happen and I would suddenly remember that I had already had a dream about it. Or people would say specific phrases that I had been focusing on or thinking about. I had always thought it was just a coincidence until one particular night I had a dream. Let me tell you about it…

Just a few months after becoming a Christian, my mum was diagnosed with throat cancer and, subsequently, a number of secondary cancers developed. Our family wouldn’t have got through that difficult journey if it wasn’t for God and our reliance on him. We could literally feel his presence and see him actively at work in each of our lives. 

My parents were heavily involved in a prayer healing ministry at this time and it was so exciting seeing the way God brought healing to so many—although it remained a mystery why God would heal some and not others. He gave my parents words, visions and dreams to share with others—it was an incredible time of learning.

About six months after my mum died in 2004, I had a dream that my dad remarried. My dream was like watching a movie. I didn’t know half of the wedding guests, I didn’t know the person officiating at the wedding and I had never met the bride. It was a little bizarre, but the detail was meticulous and it was etched permanently into my memory.

A few months later, a new associate pastor was being appointed to our church. Because of a few other commitments I didn’t meet this person for several weeks. When I did eventually meet her, I saw her from across the room and would you believe it, she was the bride in my dream. This was the woman who was going to marry my dad! 

I didn’t dare say a word, but my Dad and Susan struck up a friendship and some time later, my dad excitedly exclaimed, ‘I fell in love this weekend’. I told them about the dream, which was so detailed that when Susan rang me to tell me she got her wedding dress, I was able to describe it to her in great detail. AMAZING!

There are lots of stories I could share that stem out of this dream, but I’ll just share a few. The reason I didn’t recognise the minister in the dream was because Dad and Susan moved to another church for a few years and their new minister officiated at their wedding. It all began to make sense. 
In the dream, one of my gifts for Dad and Susan was a song, based on a passage from the Bible, that I wrote and performed at their wedding. The detail of the dream was so meticulous that I sat down at the piano at the wedding reception and played and sang the song from the dream. I didn’t have to write it, it was already written.

Since then I’ve come into a greater understanding and realisation that with God there are no coincidences—they are definitely God-incidences. He is the author and perfector of our faith and he speaks to us each in many different ways.

Let me encourage you to seek out God and hone in on how he is speaking to you—it will be an amazing journey, filled with loads of blessings. God connects with us each in different ways, so be encouraged to find the best way you connect with him and develop it constantly.

God still speaks to me regularly through very detailed dreams—literally like I’m watching a movie. Often when I pray with people I am given words, visions and song lyrics to share. It is such a blessing and a privilege to be used by God in this way.  God is so good.

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