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Warcry: Reconnecting the dots

Lawrence Sullivan tells his story to Warcry Lawrence Sullivan says God provides all that he needs.

This year has been like a bumpy rollercoaster ride for me—life-changing in fact. I completed The Salvation Army Bridge Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program as a resident. I have continued to maintain my recovery through the tools and skills I learnt there and apply them to my everyday life. 

While there I kept an open mind to all that was on offer to me, which led me to join Alcoholics Anonymous and also Hobart Salvo’s Recovery Church. I would describe myself as a Christian, who, not unlike the Prodigal Son, had lost my way.  I had a dotted line between me and God, which was in needed reconnecting.

More recently, I completed the Alpha course, which is an introduction to Christianity. Coming from a Christian background and having grown up in a Christian family I wondered if Alpha was right for me. Once again I kept and open mind and went along to see what it was all about. 

I discovered through Alpha that I still had that faith buried inside of me. Through a series of talks about Jesus, about my faith and about the church, I started to reconnect with God.

As the weeks went on I started to pray more and realised that God has never left me. He was always by my side, carrying me through those bumpy roads. We can’t ask God to give us material things in life, but we can through prayer and our daily actions ask him to provide for us by turning our life over to him as Jesus did.

A couple of weeks ago I went to mow my lawns and the mower would not start. I had just about given up. I went inside, had a drink of water, and asked God if he could help me to get the lawns mowed. I went back outside and tried the mower again, and well, God did provide for me. The mower started first time.

There have been other times this year when I needed help with food or fuel to get me through. Again I just simply prayed to God and asked him if he could provide all those needs, and many times this came true for me.  He always provided in some way through other people.

Church isn’t just a building for me; it’s the people who I come in contact with each day. We all make up the church—it’s a living thing, following God’s example of a complete way of life. 

Today, I am a much happier person, reconnecting that dotted line with God and growing my relationship with him.

I believe this Psalm from John chapter six, verse 35 is an example of what Alpha has done for me.
‘Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.’”If you believe you have a dotted line between you and God, and you want to reconnect, consider the opportunity of opening your mind and heart to the experience and discovery of the Alpha course. 

Accept the great gift God has given us to be able to love one another, no matter what our background we come from. Put your trust in God and he will reward you.

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