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Warcry My Story: Turning life around

Matthew Kerridge tells his story to WarcryMatthew Kerridge's life went from happy to troubled and back again.

I was born in Stanthorpe, south-west of Brisbane and I lived in this country town until I was 12. 

My family had a strong Christian foundation; both my parents and my grandparents had a strong faith. 

When I think about growing up, my memories are all very good. My childhood was great; I worked hard at school and kept myself out of trouble. My dad owned a plumbing business, and Mum worked in the business, too. We had a beautiful house, owned a number of properties, and Dad provided everything our family needed. 

Five years ago, my parents' marriage broke up. Mum took us five kids, aged between five and 12, and left Dad. Both Mum and Dad got into drugs and became addicts. They had to sell the plumbing business and sell off the properties we owned as they just couldn't keep them going. 

We had so much and lost it all pretty quickly.

I started to drop off at school, and I got into trouble with the law. Drugs became part of my life, too; I started with marijuana and then moved on to speed and ice. 

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