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Warcry My Story: Growing awareness

Rod and Cindy tell their story to WarcryRod and Cindy Mahon took a drive and changed their lives.

We have not endured any real hardship in our lives, compared to some of the close friends we've met through our church. Life has had its moments, especially with teenagers; however, our overall life has been relatively stable as we both focused on our busy lives in the fast-paced corporate world.

But as we both reflected on this statement, we soon realised that The Salvation Army opened our eyes to another world that is often forgotten, or overlooked, as we rush around from place to place thinking that life is so busy.

Our journey with The Salvation Army actually began many years before we walked through the doors of the church. It began when we lived in Berwick, Vic­toria. I (Cindy) would drive past this newly built church not even knowing that The Salvation Army was a denomination, but having a feeling that somehow we would be connected to this place one day.

Fast forward to two years ago—our middle daughter Jess was looking for a work placement for her year 10 studies, and came across a little Salvo store in Berwick looking for volunteers.

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