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Warcry My Story: Christmas wishes can come true

Reshmi tells her story to WarcryReshmi Niriella's generous spirit led to her school supporting a Sri Lankan children's home.

Most children write a Christmas wish list, hoping to see Santa come good on Christmas morning—but not Reshmi. Two years ago, the 12-year-old's wish list looked a little different. Instead of wanting presents for herself, Reshmi asked her family and friends for gifts she could give to orphans in Sri Lanka. 

Supporting her request, on Christmas Day in 2012, Reshmi's family and friends wrapped presents for her to give to orphans. The following Christmas, Reshmi and her family flew thousands of kilometres from Sydney to personally hand out these gifts to children at The Salvation Army's Haven and Sunshine Home in Sri Lanka.

'I didn't get Christmas presents, but that didn't really matter after seeing the smiles on their faces. Just a little thing such, as a teddy bear, brought so much joy to them,' says Reshmi.

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