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Warcry My Story: Brand new life

Nabieu Wallace tells his story  to WarcryNabieu Wallace's path from Islamic scholar to dedicated Salvo.

In 1997, I was an Islamic scholar studying the Quran in Sierra Leone, Africa. My father was a devoted Muslim, who wanted me to study the Quran and become a practising Muslim. 

In one of my classes there was a discussion about salvation. It wasn't a topic that was normally dealt with as there's no mention of salvation in the Quran.

I had heard Christians talking about salvation before, so I went to a Christian friend of mine and borrowed his Bible.

He was shocked when I wanted to borrow his Bible, but he gave it to me anyway. As it had a concordance, I was able to look up any word and I could then find it in the Bible—this was absolutely great for me.

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