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Warcry My Story: Journey to faith

Ron tells his story to Warcry MagazineRon Honey tells his story to Beacon Housing Support Worker Karen Coetzee.

A work-related injury (a ruptured disc) suffered many years ago, on the family's sheep and wheat farm in Bindi-Bindi, turned outdoors fanatic Ron Honey's life upside down.
'I couldn't do the things I loved and as my spinal condition worsened, my mental health also declined,' he reflects. 

Many operations followed, and his health deteriorated to such an extent that he had to move to Broome, WA, to be closer to medical facilities. The tipping point was in October 2013, when he was recovering from heart surgery. 

'During recovery I endured the most horrific bout of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I have never felt so useless, hopeless and worthless. Life had no more meaning. It felt like all I had achieved had no meaning.

'It became evident that Ron required specialised care owing to his declining physical and mental health—so Perth became his next home. 

Through contact with the Bentley Mental Health team, Ron was found accommodation at The Salvation Army's Murlali Men's Residence in Salter Point. 

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