Warcry My Story: From Catholic girl to Salvo Soldier
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Warcry My Story: From Catholic girl to Salvo Soldier

Debbie tells her story to WarcryA hello from a Salvo in the mall began Debbie Robbie's new faith journey.

Born in Harris Park, Sydney, I was raised in Liverpool. 

I attended the Catholic Church in Lurnea with my mum from time to time, made my first Holy Communion and confirmation, and went to confessional on Saturday afternoons. 

At 17, I was accepted into nursing training—I would eventually graduate as an Assistant in Nursing (AIN)—where my life took a huge turn. I went from the loving, protected environment of my family home into a big unknown world— I rebelled and fell into every bit of trouble you could imagine. 

In 1978 I moved to Canberra with my parents—this was a way to run away from the troubles I got myself into—and met my husband, who I married in 1982. Mum and I still went to church sporadically.

I was working at the Belconnen Mall, and every Friday I would meet Mum and my two aunties for lunch at the 'Salvo pole', where a friendly lady, Kathy, would greet me as I waited for my aunties to buy their milkshakes. 

Kathy had known me when I was single, congratulated me on my engagement and wedding, and was happy to be introduced to my baby son and then my daughter. 

When my daughter was born, Kathy asked me if I would like to take my son to Sunday school at the Belconnen Salvation Army Corps (church), to which I replied, 'I'm Catholic'. Kathy said, 'So what? God loves everyone.'

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